Pollution Prevention

Drainage System

By using simple best management practices around your work and home, Mount Vernon residents, business owners, and employees can minimize stormwater pollution that reaches our receiving waters (such as Maddox, Trumpeter, Kulshan Creeks, the Skagit River, and Puget Sound). But first, it is important to understand the difference between Mount Vernon’s two drainage systems.

The two drainage systems in the City of Mount Vernon are the sanitary sewer system and the storm drain system. While the sanitary sewer system conveys household wastewater to the city’s wastewater treatment plant, the storm drain system prevents flooding by carrying excess rainwater away from city streets into nearby ponds, wetlands, creeks, the Skagit River, and Puget Sound.


As rain falls and flows across roads, driveways, and yards on its way to the nearest storm drain, it picks up pollutants on the ground such as oil, automotive fluids, paint, construction debris, lawn chemicals, pet wastes, cigarette butts, and other garbage. Sometimes people even dump pollutants like leftover paint or soapy car wash water directly down storm drains!

Because the stormwater system contains no filters and does not receive treatment, it carries pollution straight into our local waters. Measures that reduce the amount of contaminants in stormwater, and improve the quality of our water resources, are called best management practices (BMPs).

SCD Poop Fairy FBad jpeg

Whether you’re enjoying an open space trail or park or just your own neighborhood, remember there is no magic wand or fairy that makes pet waste disappear after you leave it on the ground.  The poop goes somewhere - and in many cases it's our local streams (or maybe under your shoe).  Keep the "magic" in the Skagit by scooping your pet's poop and keeping our waterways clean.  

It's simple:  Scoop it, bag it, trash it!  And don't forget to wash your hands.

Car Washing Information

Car wash kits are available and can be checked out for use by calling the City of Mount Vernon Public Works office at (360) 336-6204. A video which demonstrates the use of the “Streamguard SudSafe Car Wash Kit” can be viewed at Tips for Your Fundraising Car Wash.

Stormwater University - Education for Vehicle Washing and Detailing Businesses to Prevent Water Pollution. (Workshop Poster)

Natural Lawn Care

Read through the natural lawn care brochure.

Additional Education & Outreach Information

The City of Mount Vernon works with the Skagit Conservation District (SCD) as well as other jurisdictions in Skagit County and regionally on our stormwater education and outreach program. The SCD has been very instrumental in the development of the Back Yard Conservation Course, the Watershed Masters Program, and the Stream Team to name a few. The city also participates in the Stormwater Outreach for Regional Municipalities (STORM) on the Puget Sound Starts Here (PSSH) campaign to educate citizens about the effects of storm water pollution. view the following links to get additional information on either of these organizations.