Following is a list of the city's different Departments along with a brief summary of their general responsibilities. Select a department to be directed to its page where additional information can be found.

City Attorney

Provides legal advice and representation to the City Council, Mayor, boards, commissions and city staff. Drafts and approves legal documents, prosecutes misdemeanors and infractions, and serves as risk management for the city.

Development Services

Manages and coordinates the mayor and city council's goals for citywide economic development and supports business development in the city. This department also implements both long-range planning and permits current developments. Within the Community Development Department there are building, planning and engineering staff.


Provides both financial and accounting services for the city. It is responsible for budget development, payroll, accounts payable, asset control, general accounting, utility billing, and issuing business licenses. The Finance Department also provides City Clerk services and maintains records of all City Council meetings, ordinances, resolution and contracts.


The city's fire department operates out of three (3) different fire stations. Each station is manned by at least two (2) firefighter-EMT's; and there are two (2) firefighter-paramedics assigned to each shift, which allows the city to provide advanced life support response whenever possible. Every day the city operates two fire engines, a ladder truck and a Battalion Chief on a 24-hour basis.

Human Resources

This department provides support to the public, the city council, city administration, and the civil service commission. It is responsible for providing services in city employment, employee relations, diversity, employee classification, employee compensation, employee benefits, and employee training.


This department provides access to information and materials to the public. The library has computers and other electronic resources for the public to use; and provides programs and services for adults, teens and children.

Municipal Court

Is responsible for processing citations issued in violation of city ordinances and some state statutes by the city Police Department. The court sets cases for arraignment, hearing, trial, or probation revocation.

Parks & Enrichment Services

This department maintains, enhances, and creates facilities and park spaces within the City and also coordinates recreational programs aimed at different groups (youth, teen, adult, family, etc). This department also facilitates special events for the City such as its fireworks show on the 4th of July and the Haunted Forest during the Fall.


The Police Department is responsible for helping to prevent crime, patrolling neighborhoods, responding to calls for service, investigating crimes, arresting offenders, and working with citizens to identify and solve neighborhood problems. It offers educational and outreach programs to assist both citizens and businesses.

Public Works

The Public Works Department maintains the infrastructure of the city. It ensures the city streets are maintained, wastewater is treated, surface water is handled appropriately, garbage is collected, and that the city's equipment fleet and buildings are maintained. This department also provides engineering services for right-of-way management and support for the planning, design, and construction of public infrastructure as well as manages the capital improvement program.


TV 10 is an 'education and government' access station. It is an informational service designed to promote local community education, government activities, and community affairs.