Finding the Right Site

Commitment & Quality

Mount Vernon is one of the fastest growing cities in the northwest and the largest city in Skagit County. The city is committed to maintaining a business friendly environment and a standard for quality of life for its citizens. Mount Vernon was recently ranked one of "America's 25 Next Recovering Job Markets" in Business Week. Read more about the city's commitment and outstanding qualities.

Peter Orser, President of Quadrant Homes, stated about Mount Vernon, "The location is perfect. With a pro-business City attitude and easy access to urban and rural amentities, the city offers new businesses unprecedented opportunities to grow and prosper."

Fiber Optic Technology

Businesses can connect in Mount Vernon. In an effort to meet the growing demand for more fiber optic bandwidth at a lower price, Mount Vernon has deployed a backbone Fiber Infrastructure, which has the capacity to provide the foundation for business and local economic growth. This network’s advanced architecture will enable fiber services to be offered at affordable prices, through the availability of flexible, low cost managed bandwidth services. Read more about the City's fiber optic technology.


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