Garbage & Sewer Information

The City of Mount Vernon provides sewer, garbage and surface water services to all properties within the City Limits. Here is some helpful information regarding the services the City provides.  If you have any questions please contact the Utilities Department at 360-336-6218 or

Solid Waste Collection & Recycle Information Brochure

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Residential Rates:

Sewer billing rates are based on water consumption. PUD provides that information to the utility billing section of the Finance Department in January, March, and May for residential customers. We have created a utility billing cycle chart to help understand this process.

Please call 800-592-9995 for recycling issues and click here for recycling service alerts. 

Yard Waste Facility

Winter hours:

Wed 9am-4pm

Sat & Sun 9am-4pm

(November through February)

Summer hours:

Wed-Fri 11am-5:30 pm

Sat & Sun 9am-4pm

(March through October)

Solid Waste Rates and Information

Garbage rates are based on the size of garbage can. This chart shows basic utility billing information.


For payment options please see pay a bill.

Commercial Rates:

Commercial Sewer Rates:

There is a $48.69 base rate for the first 900 cubic feet (ccf) of water plus $4.49 per additional 100 ccf.

Commercial Surface Water Drainage Rates:

$12.25 per month per Equivalent Service Unit (ESU) (3,200 square feet = 1 ESU)

Commercial Garbage Rates:

Garbage rates vary according to the size of the dumpster / container. See "Dumpster Rates" above.