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Service Quality Survey

  1. The purpose of this short survey is to get your opinion of conditions within your neighborhood, as well as the quality of service you received if/when contacted by the Mount Vernon Police Department. The Department makes it a high priority to present a positive and professional manner in any contact with those it serves. Thank you for taking the time to answer the following questions.
  2. 1. Are you a Mount Vernon resident?
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  4. 2. You were in contact with the Mount Vernon Police Department because you were:
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  6. 3. Your contact was with a:
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  8. 4. Your contact with the Department was:
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  10. 5. My overall impression of the Department was:
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  12. 6. The person with whom I had contact was (check all that apply):
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  14. Please answer the following questions regarding conditions in your neighborhood:
  15. 1. Do you feel safe walking in your neighborhood after dark?
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  17. 2. Please select any of the below-listed items you feel need attention and might make your neighborhood safer and more enjoyable.
  18. 3. Are you interested in helping to improve the quality of life in your neighborhood?
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  20. 4. Are you interested in becoming involved in a Police Department program?
  21. Opportunities
  22. 5. Are you, or do you know someone who would be interested in organizing a Block Watch Group in your neighborhood?
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  24. If you would like to be contacted to discuss this survey or any related issues, please provide your e-mail address and/or telephone number.
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