Records Requests

2022 Incident Calls Data (YTD)Public Record Requests

Requests for Public Records can be submitted to the city through our records request portal.  Staff has provided commonly requested information under the Records Request tab.

The Fire Department receives requests for records on a daily basis.  While many are specific to an event or person, staff also receives a large number of general information requests on permits issues and response locations and type.

Staff has organized these requests by common type.  Please contact us at 360.336.6277 if you have any questions.

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Records

Records of Mount Vernon Fire Department (MVFD) permits related to decommissioning of an underground storage tank (residential or commercial).  Please note that MVFD records begin in 2004.  Records prior to 2004 do not exist.  

Decommissioned Underground Storage Tanks (UST)

Incident Call Volumes

Dispatch records regarding the nature of calls are one of our most sought out records requests.  The Department tracks calls by generalizing types of Fire, Medical, Hazmat, and Fire Alarm Activation.  The Fire Department is required to maintain records on Fire related calls back 6 years, and Medical related calls back 8 years.  

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2022 Incident Calls Data (YTD)