Types of Permits

Constructions Permits

Automatic Extinguishing Systems

To install or to modify any fire extinguishing system.

Fire Alarm and Detection System

To install or to modify any fire alarm or detection equipment

Solar Photovoltaic Power Systems

To install or to modify any solar power systems, commercial or residential

Flammable / Combustible Liquids

To install or repair or modify or remove systems containing combustible or flammable liquids.

Compressed Gases

To install, or store or use, repair or abandon compressed gas systems or tanks.

Smoke Control or Exhaust Systems

To install or alter smoke control or exhaust system.

Spray and Dipping Operations

To install or modify a spray room, dip tank or booth.

 Emergency Radio Systems

To install or modify an emergency responder radio system.

Additional Permits

Battery Systems

Storage battery systems of a liquid capacity of more than 50 gallons

Cryogenic Fluids

Installation or alteration to outdoor stationary fluid systems for storage or use

Fire Pumps

Installation or modification to fire pumps and related devices, fuel tanks, jocky pumps, generators and controls.

Access Gates

Install or modify a gate across a fire access point or road.

Hazardous Materials

To install, store, use, modify or abandon systems or tanks with hazardous materials.

Stand Pipe Systems

To install, modify, or remove a standpipe system.

Industrial Ovens 

To install industrial ovens as covered in chapter 30.

Operational Permits

An operational permit allows the applicant to conduct an operation or a business for which a permit is required. The permit is issued when the business successfully completes its annual inspection, semi-annual inspection or new business inspection. The most common operational permits are:

Carbon Dioxide Systems

Required for operation of a beverage dispensing system where more than 100 pounds of carbon dioxide is used.

Compressed Gas

To store, use, or handle at normal temperature and pressure.

Cutting and Welding 


High Pile Storage

Where a building or portion of with an area of 500 square feet or more is used for high pile storage.

Motor Fuel Dispensing

For the operation of automotive, marine and fleet motor fuel-dispensing facilities.

Places of Assembly

Where 50 or more people gather for business or pleasure.

Repair Garages

Required for all buildings or portions of buildings used for the repairing of motor vehicles or similar type repair shops.

Temporary Membrane Structures

To operate or install an air supplies structure, temporary stage or a tent having more than 400 square feet.

Additional Operational Permits

Aerosol Products

To manufacture, store or handle level 2 or 3 products in excess of 500 pounds.

Carnivals and Fairs

To conduct and operate.

Dry Cleaning

When use of a solvent base for cleaning.


To manufacture, store, handle, sale or use of any quantity of explosives or fire works.

Flammable Liquids

To use, operate, store, or handle class I, II or III liquids.

Hazardous Materials

To store, transport on site, dispense, use or handle amounts that exceed table 105.6.21

Hot Work Operations

Where demonstrations or portable equipment inside a building, roof covering application or within a fire risk area.

Open Flames / Candles

Is required when in connection with assembly areas, dining areas, or drinking establishments.