Appeal of FEMA's Maps/Study

Please click on the links below to view the Joint Regulatory Appeal by the Cities of Mount Vernon and Burlington of FEMA's Revised Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map (rDFIRM) and Revised Flood Insurance Study (rFIS) for Skagit County.

Please note that due to format and sizes of documents, the information contained on this website regarding the appeal may be incomplete. A complete copy can be inspected at the city of Mount Vernon Community and Economic Development Department, 910 Cleveland Avenue.

Name of DocumentAuthor Date
Transmittal LetterMayors Brunz and NorrisMarch 28, 2011
Letter on Methodology and Results of Upper Dalles Gauge Callibration Survey by StewartPeter K. Brands, PLS, CFedSMarch 29, 2011
Probability Estimates for Historical Flood Events and Recorded Floods Skagit River near ConcreteMBK EngineersMarch 10, 2011
Summary Report for Appeal of rDFIRMScott L. Shapiro, Esq.July 1, 2010
Technical Report - Supporting Data and Analysis for Skagit River RFIS Appeal
Pacific International Engineering, PLLCMarch 2011