Logan Creek

Enhancing Logan CreekLogan Creek aerial map
The city has received funds from private developers that have been, and will continue to be, used to enhance and rehabilitate a portion of Logan Creek that is located to the west of Haggen, to the east of North LaVenture, north of Division Street.

The goal of the Logan Creek project is to restore natural processes and stream functions. This project will improve ecosystem functioning by enhancing the stream channel and restoring the native stream vegetation that has been disturbed by development and growth of invasive plants.

Decreasing Erosion
In 2010 large wood from downed trees were installed along a 1,500 linear foot section of Logan Creek to slow the flow of water to decrease erosion of the stream channel. A 20-foot long, 32-inch diameter corrugated metal pipe culvert was also removed. Lastly, trash and invasive and/or non-native plants were removed. In 2011 the city will plant native trees and shrubs. Below is a map that identifies the project elements; and following is a link to a report that contains additional details about this exciting project: