Boards & Commissions

Following is a list of the city's different Boards and Commissions along with a brief description of each.

Arts Commission
The Mount Vernon Arts Commission is made up of 11 voting members who are appointed by the Mayor and approved by City Council. Each member serves for 3 year terms and is responsible to uphold the Arts Commission Mission Statement.

Civil Service Commission
The Civil Service Commission regulates the employment and working conditions of civil servants and it oversees hiring and promotions. It is comprised of three commissioners, both the Police and Fire Chiefs, and the Human Resources Director.

Library Board
The Mount Vernon City Library Board of Trustees is a five person advisory board. Trustees are appointed by the Mayor of Mount Vernon, and confirmed by vote of the City Council. Trustees advise the Library Director on library policy, finance and other important issues. The public is invited to attend all meetings.

Planning Commission
The City of Mount Vernon Planning Commission is an advisory body consisting of seven members appointed by the mayor to provide advice and recommendations on land use issues at the local level. The Planning Commission will review and act on the following: Comprehensive Plan, Shoreline Master Program Amendments, Area-Wide Zoning, and Land Use Regulations & Processes.

Design Review Board