Volunteer Program

Be a City Volunteer!

Mayor Jill Boudreau encourages citizens to volunteer at the City to help further our mission to "create a lifetime positive difference for our Community".

The City recognizes that volunteers provide a broad source of expertise and talent that can benefit the City and our community as a whole.

City volunteers will meet and make meaningful connections with new people, gain new skills, help solve neighborhood and community issues, explore career possibilities, and most importantly will finish their service with the satisfaction of knowing they are doing important work for their community.

The City has many different ways that citizens, whether they are seniors, students, professionals, families or groups, can volunteer with on-going, group, or one-time activities.

Below are links to instructions on how to become a City volunteer as well as information on the different types of volunteer opportunities available at the City.

Thank you for considering volunteering with the City of Mount Vernon!

Current Volunteer Opportunities

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