Block Watch

Block Watch SymbolAbout The Program
Block Watch is a partnership between citizens and the Mount Vernon Police Department, who work together to help make neighborhoods more safe and enjoyable. Residents are far more familiar with issues affecting their neighborhoods than police. However, residents don't always have the tools or specialized skills that are needed to address problems before they deteriorate to a level that crime takes a foothold. By working together, we can reduce criminal activity, improve safety and promote healthy neighborhoods.

YES, it works

  • A south Mount Vernon Block Watch group removed drug activity after a neighboring home became foreclosed and abandoned.
  • A Block Watch Captain spots an individual who is out of place for their neighborhood, contact police who discover he's involved in a crime in a nearby neighborhood.
  • A Block Watch group along the Kulshan Trail were frequently painting over graffiti on a separating fence between the trail and homes. Working with Community Service Officers, they planted bushes and placed decorative lattice patterns along the fence fronts. Graffiti did not reoccur in these locations!

Community Service Officers with Block Watch Captains

Read about additional crime prevention resource information. If you have questions regarding Block Watch, please contact the Crime Prevention Division at the Mount Vernon Police Department.