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1. Where is your office located?
2. What are your office hours?
3. Do you accept credit cards and/or debit cards?
4. Where can I find a list of the programs that are offered through Mount Vernon Parks & Recreation?
5. How do I register for a program that is offered through Mount Vernon Parks & Recreation?
6. Do you have rental facilities available for meetings, parties or weddings?
7. Can I reserve the shelter at Kiwanis Park?
8. What is the operating schedule for the spray park at Kiwanis Park?
9. Who should I call to report vandalism and/or graffiti in a City Park?
10. How do I reserve the Sports Center at Bakerview Park?
11. Can I bring my dog to a City Park?
12. Does Mount Vernon have a dog park?
13. Are there camp sites in any of your parks?