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In June of 2018, the Washington State Legislature passed the Safety and Access for Immigrant Victims Act. The goal of this bill is to promote consistent and equal treatment and offer protections to immigrant victims statewide. Ensuring that all victims of crime are able to access the protections available to them under the law is in the best interest of victims, law enforcement and the entire community.

Please see Department of Commerce web-page for detailed information and translation.


Mount Vernon Police Department
1805 Continental Pl.
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
Preferred method of receiving requests – mail

What information and evidence you should ideally provide when making request?

Fill out the appropriate portions of the certification form
Provide cover letter, and self-addressed stamped envelope
Refer to appropriate Mount Vernon Police Department case number

Information about how and when the requestor should expect to receive a response?

Notification to our agency is required if they are one of the 14 day time lines. All requests will be completed within the time frame required by law.

For any follow up questions or a request for reconsideration or appeal, please respond via mail to the above address, same as the one requests are sent to.

Name and title of certifying official – Lieutenant Mikel Moore