4th St N / RiversiDe Dr Railroad Crossing Improvements

Bid Award: May 29, 2019 - $473,200.55

Contractor: JAG Construction, Mukilteo, WA

Construction Management: PH Consulting, Tacoma, WA

Project Engineer: William Bullock PE, MPA, City Engineer 

Contact Information: (360) 336-6204

Funding: Funding for this project is through the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

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Additional Documentation

This project was developed in partnership with Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad (BNSF) and installs two new concrete railroad crossing systems at the BNSF mainline track and the BNSF siding track immediately south of the mainline track to provide an ADA compliant railroad pedestrian/bike crossing and improved roadway alignment. Realigns the west and east sidewalk crossings over the tracks to reduce the skew angle and reduce risk of wheels getting caught in the gap adjacent to the track. Installs a new static signal wayside horn, LED signal lights, pedestrian bell on the NE signal mast, and pedestrian gate at the rail crossing to alert of oncoming train. Resign the vertical curve of the roadway requiring reconstruction of the sidewalk, curb, and road grade leading up to the track crossings.

Current Status:

BNSF has placed the new bungalow shell in its new location and pedestrian gates. They are continuing to coordinate with the City’s installation of the Wayside horn system. The wayside horn has been installed and it is expected to be tested and operational by mid-January 2021.