Neighborhood Zoned Deployment

To enhance connectivity with residents, better identify and address crime and disorder issues, and understand the uniqueness of each neighborhood - the Mount Vernon Police Department has assigned Patrol Officers to each of 14 geographic neighborhood zones.  Each zone represents an area with identifiable characteristics such as geography, commercial / residential land uses, single family, multi-family, known landmarks, natural or historic boundaries.  "Zone Officers" serve as a resource for zone residents, property, and business owners and a referral point for quality of life concerns, disorder issues and on-going criminal activity. 

Residents should contact their assigned Zone Officer, when they have questions regarding police services, concerns about neighborhood safety and security or when requesting resources to assist with problems occurring in their neighborhood.  Zone Officers should not be called during an actual emergency or when an immediate police response is requested.  Residents should continue to use the 911 system in those circumstances.  

To contact your Zone Officer, call the Mount Vernon Police Department at 360-336-6271

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