Handling Citizen Complaints

The Police Department, as an agency of city government, must be accountable for the official acts of our members. A relationship of trust and confidence between employees of the Department and our community we serve is essential to effective policing. To ensure and exercise this accountability, it is necessary to have a system of performance review.

We must assure that any policies, procedures, or individual actions meet the test of fairness, equity, and justice. In addition, employees have a primary obligation to respect the rights of all people.

It is the longstanding policy of the Department to accept all complaints (including anonymous) of an employees alleged misconduct. You may file a complaint in person, in writing, electronically, or by telephone. You will be provided full access to the complaint process and not be intentionally intimidated or discouraged from proceeding.

All complaints will be handled in an objective, impartial and expeditious manner. You will be given the option of filing a formal or informal complaint. If a supervisor can resolve the complaint at the time it is made, and is of a minor nature, there is no need for a Citizen Complaint form. The supervisor handling your complaint on an informal basis will advise you that there will be no formal report; however a memorandum will be forwarded to the employees Division Commander.

If you wish to file a formal complaint, you will be provided the Citizen Complaint form, to be completed and signed. If you prefer not to fill it out or sign the form, an investigation may still be conducted. In these cases, the unsigned form, with an explanation, will be routed in the same manner as a signed complaint.

The Citizen Complaint form is subject to Public Disclosure Law.

The Department may also seek independent review of the final investigative report in cases involving death or grievous injury, civil rights violations, theft, dishonesty, or severe breach of professional ethics.

If you have any questions about our performance review process, please feel free to contact Police Chief Chris Cammock at (360) 336-6271.