Customer Service Guide

Commitment to Quality Service

The men and women of the Mount Vernon Police Department are committed to delivering the highest level of service to their customers. The Mount Vernon Police Department is an invaluable resource to local citizens, and provides a broad range of programs to the community. The purpose of this guide is to furnish information about the community services offered, and how to access the services you need.

Block Watch

The Mount Vernon Police Department strongly endorses the Block Watch Program. This program is designed to help citizens become more aware of crime and suspicious activities, which may be occurring in their neighborhoods. The Block Watch Program has been proven effective in reducing crime and improving the overall quality of life in the community. Meeting in small groups, citizens learn crime prevention techniques, residential security tips, environmental design strategies, and how to recognize and report crime. Block Watch groups become the eyes and ears of the neighborhoods in the community. For additional information, or to schedule a Block Watch Meeting, contact the Crime Prevention Unit at (360) 336-6271.

Operation ID

The Mount Vernon Police Department encourages the participation of all Mount Vernon residents in the Operation ID Program. Operation ID helps in the recovery of stolen items by allowing any police department to trace your property back to you. You are encouraged to mark your belongings with your Washington State Driver's License number and keep a record of these items in an Operation ID inventory booklet. To warn off would-be-burglars, Operation ID stickers are available after you have marked your property. The free loan of engravers, along with stickers and inventory booklets, are available from the Crime Prevention Unit or at the Mount Vernon Police Department.

Home Security Patrol

The Home Security Patrol is an effort completed by the Mount Vernon Police Volunteer Group. Prior to leaving on vacation, you may request that your residence be checked by the Home Security Patrol. The RSVP will inspect your home and immediately contact the Police Department if any criminal or suspicious activities are evident. If you are interested in having your house checked while you are away, stop by the Police Department and fill out a Vacation Check Form. 

Business Seminars

A variety of topics are offered to the business community through short courses. These courses are designed to aid the business community in management information and employee training. The presentations include Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), internal theft, fraud, drug awareness, workplace violence, and more. Employers are provided with crime prevention literature about crimes, as well as other valuable information to help businesses help themselves. To schedule a seminar, or for additional information, contact the Crime Prevention Unit at (360) 336-6271.

Residential & Commercial Security Survey

Home security inspections are provided upon request to residents and businesses in the City of Mount Vernon. Suggestions are made concerning locks, alarms, lighting, property inventory, and environmental design for crime prevention. The commercial survey also covers personnel hiring policies, cash flow, and risk management. Crime prevention literature is provided by the Police Department. To schedule an appointment, contact the Crime Prevention Unit at (360) 336-6271.

Citizens Police Academy

The purpose of the academy is to open our doors to the community and through education, to increase communications and understanding between citizens and the police. The academy lasts for twelve weeks, meeting three hours per week. Academy sessions are taught by police officers, guest speakers, and department personnel, each in their own area of expertise. Topics include the department's vision, mission, goals and values; domestic violence; gangs; police tactical operations; drug enforcement; use of force; T.E.A.M.; patrol; investigations; crime prevention; records keeping; constitutional law; and more. If you are interested in the Citizens Academy, please call the Crime Prevention Unit at (360) 336-6271

Citizens Patrol

Citizens On Proactive Patrol (COPP) is an extension of the activity and philosophy of the Mount Vernon Police Department's community policing efforts. These citizens are graduates of the Citizens Academy and are trained volunteers who drive the city streets and act as additional eyes, ears, and problem solvers, with their main focus on quality of life issues. For more information, call the Crime Prevention Unit at (360) 336-6271.


The T.E.A.M. (Teach-Encourage-Advise-Mentor) Program, developed specifically for the community of Mount Vernon by parents, school administrators / teachers, police officers, and others, addresses safety education and drug and violence prevention. T.E.A.M., taught by a police officer, targets K-6th grade students and provides lessons on pedestrian, personal and bicycle safety; decision-making; conflict resolution; internet safety; refusal skills; violence prevention; and two alternatives to the use of drugs, tobacco, and alcohol. For additional information, call (360) 336-6271.

Community Service Officer

The Community Service Officer (CSO) is a non-commissioned member of the Police Department whose primary duty is to serve the citizens and neighborhoods in Mount Vernon by helping them to identify and solve problems related to crime prevention and quality of life issues. The CSO is involved in neighborhood Block Watch, Crime Prevention education and other community services, which do not require a sworn police officer. The CSO may be contacted at (360) 336-6250.

Intern Program

The Mount Vernon Police Department Intern Program is a partnership between the Police Department and Northwest Career and Technical Academy. Intern duties and responsibilities vary from student to student, and may include clerical and other specified areas of need. Students are required to work 5-10 hours a week to satisfy the internship requirements. For additional information, call (360) 336-6271

Volunteer Opportunities

Mount Vernon Police Department offers a range of volunteer opportunities. Most volunteers are utilized in the Crime Prevention Unit, Records Division, and Police Administration. Volunteers perform tasks to include data entry, filing, working with crime analysis, as well as other duties that fit the individual volunteer and/or department needs. If you are interested in volunteering your time or would like additional information, contact the Crime Prevention Unit at (360) 336-6258.

Gang Resource Officer

The Mount Vernon Police Department Gang Resource Officer focus is on prevention, intervention and education on gangs and their activities. Education opportunities are available to parents, schools or community groups. Topics include what graffiti is, gang behaviors and gang symbols. For more information, call (360) 336-6271.

Other Customer Services

  • Apartment Managers Network
  • Citizens on Patrol
  • Community Meetings
  • Community Resource Directory
  • Crime Tip Line
  • Neighborhood Problem-Solving
  • Neighborhood Speed Watch
  • Station Tours
  • Variety of Educational Programs

Police Accident Report

To obtain a copy of a police or accident report, contact our Records Division in person, by mail or online via our online public disclosure request form. Release of report information is under the strict guidelines of the Public Disclosure Law and the Privacy Act. There is a processing fee for this service.


Other services of the Records Division:

  • Animal Release
  • Bicycle Reports / Registration
  • Citizen Accident Reports
  • Citizen Police Reports
  • Concealed Weapons Permits
  • Evidence Release
  • Fingerprinting
  • Found / Lost Property
  • MVPD Records Requests
  • Vacation Watch Requests

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