Municipal Court

Court business continues to be conducted electronically and over the phone.  A drop box is available between the court entry doors for those who need to drop something off in person after hours. Anyone appearing in person, in any courtroom, must first provide proof of vaccination against COVID 19 or qualify for an exemption from COVID 19 vaccination.  Proof of COVID 19 vaccinations must be provided in one of the following ways: 

  • COVID 19 vaccination record card or a photo copy; 
  • Documentation of vaccination from a health care provider or electronic health record; 
  • State immunization information system record; 
  • A sworn or attested statement made under penalty of perjury that the individual is vaccinated. 

If you need a continuance to comply with this order, contact your attorney or e-mail the court at to make your request.  You may also appear for court via Zoom. 

How to connect to Zoom HearingsCómo Conectarse a las Audiencias de Zoom

Bankcard payments may be made through nCourt, a payment-processing center.   

Mount Vernon Municipal Court COVID Response:

Trial by Mail for Infractions

If you have been charged with an infraction and wish to have a hearing please send your request by mail and make sure you mark the correct box, mitigation hearing or contested hearing. A notice will be mailed to you with a court date. To limit the amount of people coming to court there is a trial by mail form you may fill out and send in with your request. The judge will make a ruling and it will be mailed back to you. Please make sure the court has your correct address.

Trial by Mail

Skagit County District and Municipal Court Local Rules


Informational Brochures

The Municipal Court has informational brochures available to the public on various topics: Explaining the procedures for a Traffic Infraction or Criminal case, Juror Information, and helpful hints to "get you through the process". Please stop by the court to obtain your copy at:

1805 Continental Pl.
Mt Vernon, WA 98273

Visiting Court

We invite citizens to visit the court in session on any Tuesday. Cases are heard from 8:30 am until around 12:00 pm and then again at 3:00 pm until about 4:30 pm.

Court Responsibilities

The Municipal Court is responsible for processing citations issued in violation of city ordinances and some state statutes by the Mount Vernon Police Department. The court sets cases for arraignment, hearing, trial, or probation revocation.

 The Mission Of The Municipal Court

  • Effectively and expeditiously perform case management
  • Record and maintain all statistical and financial data for state reporting
  • Remain the storehouse of information for criminal history and data dissemination
  • Dispense justice while monitoring efficiency and cost to the public
  • Provide complete customer service to all

Interpreter Request Forms

Administrative Public Records Request Policy and Procedures