2021 Sanitary and Storm Sewer Lining

Bid Award: Awarded 10/13/2021 - $695,293.47

Contractor: Insituform Technologies, LLC

Consulting Firm: In-house

Project Engineer: Bill Bullock, PE, City Engineer

Contact Information: (360) 336-6204

Funding: Sewer Capital Reserve & Storm Water Utility

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Additional Documentation

You may notice an odor like that of new plastic during the pipe repair process. This odor may be caused by a chemical named styrene that is used to make many types of plastics and resins, including many household products. 

Information about Styrene for Sewer Lining


Location of Work Trumpeter Drive

Location of Work between Division - Fowler & 9th St - 18th St

Project Description:
Work includes lining approximately 9,444 feet of sanitary sewer pipe and approximately 2,073 feet of storm sewer pipe as depicted in the project plans/maps with a cured in place pipe (CIPP) liner system.  Work also includes grouting and restoring laterals, and trimming intruding laterals or obstructions

Current Status:

Lining for this project is complete and the contractor is working on grouting of laterals. Work should be complete by mid March 2022.