Shoreline Master Program (SMP) Update

As required by State law 90.58 RCW, the Washington State Shoreline Management Act (SMA) the City is undertaking review of its Shoreline Master Program (SMP). The SMA requires SMPs to be reviewed and revised (if needed) on a schedule established by the State. This review ensures these plans stay current with changes in laws and remain consistent with other City plans and regulations.


March Public Participation Plan sent to Department of Ecology (DOE)
March to April Email notification sent to stakeholders and interested parties; and
Review SMP and other relevant City codes and policies.

April to Early-July SMP update overview with City Council; 
SMP Update Periodic Checklist available on website; and
Preliminary draft amendments available on website.

July Planning Commission to review draft amendments; 
Post amendments on City website; 
Edits and revisions suggested DOE are made to draft; and
Environmental review (SEPA).

August to Sept. 30-day public comment period on draft revisions; and
Public Hearing before Planning Commission during 30-day public comment period.

Sept. to Nov. Ecology initial determination (up to 30 days);
City Council adoption; and
Submit locally adopted SMP to Ecology.


Below is a list of draft materials dated July 7, 2021 that have been sent to the Department of Ecology (DOE) for their preliminary review.  These items will be updated by the City to address DOE's preliminary comments once these comments are received. Check back for revised documents as the process to update the SMP continues. 

Staff Reports and Briefing Memos

Below are links to the Staff Reports provided to Planning Commission and City Council through this update process:

Planning Commission, 08.17.2021

Planning Commission, 07.20.2021

Draft Mapping Updates

Appendix A (see hyperlink above) includes a parcel-by-parcel inventory of all changes made to the City's SMP map as part of the 2021 update.  To supplement this inventory the City's GIS Department created a GIS story map to illustrate the different sets of data and information used when making changes to the SMP maps.  


The GIS story map can be accessed by navigating to the following page.  The first two tabs on this page contain the 2021 and 2011 SMP maps.  The additional tabs display supplemental data used to update the 2021 SMP maps.  For each of the tabs the 2021 designations are displayed as outlines to better display how supplemental data helped form the environmental designations.

GIS Story Map    


Below are links to documents and other webpages where more information can be viewed.