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Comprehensive Plan
The following table contains copies of the updates to the City's Comprehensive Plan that were passed and adopted by City Council (with Ordinance 3690) on September 14, 2016.

Check back soon...these documents will be combined and uploaded into a single document for easier viewing in the very near future.  
Background / Vision Statement  Vision Statement
Land Use Element Update Land Use Element
Housing Element Update  DRAFT Housing Element
Housing Element Goals 
Economic Development Element Update DRAFT Economic Development 
Transportation Element Update  Transportation Element 
Capital Facilities Update DRAFT Capital Facilities Element  
Health & Wellness Element  DRAFT Health & Wellness Element 
Health & Wellness Appendices
Public Comments Received:
Following is a link to a summary of the Comprehensive Plan Survey that was completed:  Comprehensive Plan Survey Summary           
Comments from HAAFT: 

Other Comments:

10.27.15 HAAFT 8.13.15 Goldfarb 5.18.16 Mitzel/Woodmansee 
12.15.15 HAATF  6.17.16 McNett 6.20.16 Levine 
12.15.15 HAATF X 2  6.20.16 LaFollette Erbstoeszer Comments Combined 
12.18.15 HAAFT  6.21.16 Koepp  6.21.16 Home Trust of Skagit  
12.18.15x2 HAAFT  6.21.16 Bazante   6.21.16 Martinez 
1.6.16 HAAFT 6.21.16 Mitzel 6.21.16 Wells  
1.24.16 HAAFT  6.21.16 Lee 6.21.16 Woodmansee 
2.12.16 HAAFT  6.21.16 Woodmansee x2  6.22.16 Scofield  
4.26.16 HAAFT  7.13.16 Paulus  6.27.16 Hall 
6.10.16 HAAFT  6.24.16 Johnson 6.27.16 Peraino 
HAATF 6.15.16 Comments
Cover Sheet Transmittal Letter
6.29.16 McNett Crowl
6.28.16 Fair Housing Center of WA 
6.21.16 HAAFT  6.28.16 Johnson x 2 6.28.16 Birkel 
6.28.16 Clarify HAAFT Record  6.28.16 SICBA  6.21.16 McNett Crowl Presentation 
  6.21.16 Carter  6.29.16 Johnson x 3 
  6.29.16 Koetje  
  6.29.16 Mitzel Woodmansee and Others 
What was the Comprehensive Plan Update?
The City's Comprehensive Plan contains our 20-year vision of how the City will grow and defines the Goals, Objectives, and Policies related to land uses, housing, economic development, parks and recreation, transportation, capital facilities, utilities, and public services.

The State Growth Management Act (GMA) contains provisions that require the periodic review and updating of Comprehensive Plans and their associated development regulations to ensure continued compliance with the Act.  Similar to other jurisdictions within Skagit County, the City must complete this update in June of 2016. 

The last major update to the City's Comprehensive Plan was in 2005; however, the Parks, Open Space and Recreation Element was updated in 2014. 

Following are links to presentations provided to the City's Planning Commission, Citizen's Advisory Committee, City Council, and other groups regarding Comprehensive Plan to-date.
 Date:  Group:  Presentation:
2/2/2016 Planning Commission Transportation Planning Basics
2/17/2016 City Council Comp. Plan Overview,  Housing and Economic Development
3/1/2016 Planning Commission Vision Statement, Transportation and Housing Elements
3/3/2016 Bike Walk Mount Vernon Comp. Plan Overview, Non-Motorized Portion of the Transportation Element
4/20/2016 City Council  Housing Element (focus on Subsidized vs. Market Rate housing issues) 
5/3/16  Planning Commission  Land Use & Transportation 
5/11/16 City Council Subarea Plan Phasing/Scope/Cost Estimate to Proceed
6/15/16  City Council  Elements Review 
6/21/16  Planning Commission  Public Hearing:  Vision Stmt., Land Use, Housing & Transportation 
6/21/16  Planning Commission  Active Transportation - Guest Speaker Liz McNett Crowl's Presentation