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Municipal Code Amendments
Following are copies of ordinances that have amended the city's municipal code, or may be of public interest, after March 18, 2015:

Ordinance No. (MVMC Section) Brief Description:
Ordinance 3648  MVMC 10.20 Truck Parking
Ordinance 3651  MVMC Title 16 Plat and BSP Extensions
Ordinance 3652  MVMC 2.60 Planning Commission Meeting Times
Ordinance 3653  MVMC 17.87 Signage
Ordinance 3659 Moratorium on Collective Gardens and Group Cooperatives
Ordinance 3673  MVMC 10.20 Parking Limits
Ordinance 3680 MVMC 8.24.150   Fireworks Ban 
Ordinance 3681 MVMC 9.28  Noise  
Ordinance 3684 MVMC 15.04  Building Code 
Ordinance 3687 MVMC 13.36 and 3.40 Deferral of Impact Fees for SFR uses
Ordinance 3688 MVMC 17.91 Mobile Food Vendors in Specified Public Places
Ordinance 3700 MVMC 13.33, 13.35 and 15.40 Adoption of updated stormwater manual and best available science in critical areas code