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Demographics / Labor Profile
Mount Vernon 2015 population estimate from Office of Financial Management (OFM) = 33,530
Skagit County 2015 population estimate from Office of Financial Management (OFM) = 120,620

Economics from U.S. Census Bureau for Mount Vernon:

2010:   2012:    2013:
Median Household Income: $45,986.00   Median Household Income: $48,029.00    Median Household Income:  $48,240.00
Per Capita Income: $21,791.00   Per Capita Income: $21,951.00    Per Capita Income:  $21,647.00
Unemployment Rate: 4.4%   Unemployment Rate: 6.5%    Unemployment Rate:  6.9%

Real Estate Profile
Real estate profile for Mount Vernon from U.S. Census Bureau:

2010: 2012:    2013:
Total Housing Units: 12,196 Total Housing Units: 12,459   Total Housing Units:  12,321
Occupied Housing Units: 11,386 Occupied Housing Units: 11,452   Occupied Housing Units:  11,372
Vacant Housing Units: 810 Vacant Housing Units: 1,007   Vacant Housing Units:  949
Homeowner Vacancy Rate: 6.2%   Homeowner Vacancy Rate: 4.7%   Homeowner Vacancy Rate:  4.1%
Rental Vacancy Rate:    Rental Vacancy Rate:  7.2%    Rental Vacancy Rate:  6.9%
Owner Occupied: 6,753 (59%)   Owner Occupied: 6,448 (56%)   Owner Occupied:  6,452 (57%)
Renter Occupied: 4,633 (41%)   Renter Occupied: 5,044 (44%)   Renter Occupied:  4,920 (43%)
Median Home Value: $233,900.00   Median Home Value: $229,700.00   Median Home Value: $219,100.00
Median Residential Rent: $837.00    Median Residential Rent: $901.00    Median Residential Rent:  $899.00

Read the Mount Vernon Demographic and Economic Profile; and the Passion for Educational Excellence for additional information. 

Skagit County Labor Force
The Skagit County civilian labor force was benchmarked at 58,460 in 2009. For the three months ending in November 2010, the Skagit County year-over-year growth in private sector jobs was positive. Skagit is the only northwest county to earn this distinction. Total payrolls in Skagit County have been dragged down by weakness in the local government sector, but that was not enough to cause a loss in total jobs when including government jobs over these three months. Clearly, there is something special about the economic dynamism of Skagit County!

Read the Skagit County Labor Profile to learn more about the labor force.