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Comprehensive Plan
Future Growth & Development
The Mount Vernon Comprehensive Plan contains policies and recommendations to direct public and private decisions affecting future growth and development. This updated plan was done in compliance with the provision of the Growth Management Act (GMA). The purpose of a comprehensive plan is to translate community values and goals into a framework for decisions on growth and land use, housing, transportation, utilities, public facilities and services, and parks and open space. It expresses a long-range, twenty year vision of how citizens want Mount Vernon to look and function well into future. The Comprehensive Plan also provides a well though out strategy for achieving that vision.

A Look Back
The city's first comprehensive plan was prepared in 1959 and 1960. At that time, the city's population was about 7,000 and the city limits extended from the river on the north to Blackburn Road on the south, and from approximately LaVenture Road on the east to approximately the current boundary on the west. In 1976, a Comprehensive Land Use Plan was adopted by the City Council, and in 1980 the city prepared a "Preliminary Comprehensive Land Use Plan", which established broad development policies and a conceptual land use diagram. The Comprehensive Plan was again updated by Ordinance 2302, on July 14, 1988. In 2005, the plan was updated once again to comply with the GMA. Since 2005 elements of this Comprehensive Plan have been amended and updated at the direction of the City Council.

Tips for Viewing the Comprehensive Plan

Following are a few tips for accessing and viewing the City's Comprehensive Plan (Plan) on this website:
  1. Downloading the Table of Contents first will assist you in determining which chapter of the plan you wish to download.
  2. Most of the city generated maps have been included within the chapter that the map is referenced; however, some maps could not be included due to size limitations. Please contact the Community and Economic Development Department (CEDD) to see copies of these maps in the paper bound version of the Plan available at this department.
  3. Some of the photos within the plan have been copied in black and which, thus reducing the photo image. Color copies of the entire plan are available in a paper bound version at the city's CEDD.
  4. Questions about the content of the plan should be directed to the city's CEDD.

Please note that although the city frequently updates these files, there are times when changes have occurred and they are not reflected within the following documents. Before relying on any information contained within these files you must check the information you are using with staff at the Community and Economic Development Department. They can be reached at (360) 336-6214.

 Comprehensive Plan Documents
Title Page  
Table of Contents  
Introduction and Summary  
Chapter One: Background Analysis  
Chapter Two: Land Use Element    
     Sub-Area Plans A - I
     Sub-Area Plan K
Appendix LU-A- Population and Employment Forecasting and Allocation 2005
Appendix LU-B - Buildable Lands and Land Capacity Analysis
Appendix LU-C - Memorandum from E.D. Hovee and Company
Appendix LU-D - Skagit County: Countywide Planning Policies
Chapter Three: Housing Element  
Chapter Four: Parks and Recreation Plan  
Chapter Five: Economic Development Element Appendix ED-1: Mount Vernon Overall Economic Development Plan
Chapter Six:  Transportation Element Appendix T-C: SKAT 6-year Development Plan (Contact Skagit Transit at: 360-757-4433 and request a copy of the most recent version of this document)
Chapter Seven:  Capital Facilities, Public Services & Utilities Element
Appendix CF-1: Police Department's Strategic Plan
Appendix CF-2: Fire Department's Strategic Plan
Appendix CF-3: Mount Vernon School District's Six Year Capital Facilities Plan (Contact the Mount Vernon School District's Facilities Department at: 360-428-6188 and request a copy of the most up-to-date version of this document) 
Appendix CF-4 Document 1: Comprehensive Sewer Plan Update 
Appendix CF-4 Document 2: Comprehensive Sewer Plan Amendment 
Appendix CF-4 Document 3: Urban Growth Area Sewer Service Study 
Appendix CF-5: Comprehensive Stormwater Management Update 
Appendix CF-5 Document 2: Comprehensive Surface Water Management Plan
Appendix CF-6: City of Mount Vernon Capital Improvement Plan (this links you to the City's Finance Department where the most up-to-date version of this document can be found)
Selected Adopting
Ordinance 3313 (January 2006)
Ordinance 3387 (January 2008)
Ordinance 3412 (July 2008)
Ordinance 3472 (December 2009)
Ordinance 3503 (October 2010)
 Maps from All Chapters: BG-1 and BG-2
LU-1, LU-2, LU-3, LU-4, and LU-5
CF-1, CF-2, and CF-3