Utility Services - Rental Properties

New to the Mount Vernon Area?

The City of Mount Vernon is located within Skagit County.

Landlords note: If you want your tenant billed for garbage and sewer you must sign a new Landlord Waiver Form each time you have a new tenant.

Here is a handy "Who to Call" list

Business Name
Phone Number
Puget Power (calling within Washington State)(888) 225-5773

Puget Power (calling from outside of Washington State)(425) 452-1234
Garbage, Sewer & Recycling (Please note - the City only provides garbage within City Limits -all others should contact Waste Management @ 800-592-9995)
City of Mount Vernon
(360) 336-6218
Natural Gas
Cascade Natural Gas
(888) 522-1130
Public Utility District #1
(360) 424-7104
Yard Waste Removal ServicesWaste Managment(800) 592-9995

Other helpful numbers

Phone Number
Driver's Licensing
(360) 416-7563
Vehicle Licensing
(360) 336-9348
Property Taxes(360) 336-9370
District Court(360) 336-9319
Municipal Court
(360) 336-6205
Voter Registration
(360) 336-9305
Senior Services
(360) 428-1301
SKAT (Skagit Transit Bus)
(360) 757-8801
Animal Control
(360) 336-6271
(360) 336-9448