Outdoor Burning Regulations

Only recreational fires are allowed within the city limits and urban growth areas. Seasoned wood, charcoal briquettes, and propane may be used for fuel. Burning trash is never allowed!

 Rules for Recreational Fires

-The fire must be in an enclosure no larger than 3 feet across. The enclosure must be at least 16 inches high and made of cement block, stones or #10 gauge steel. A fire break (bare ground) shall be created around the enclosure.

-Materials being burned must be kept lower than the sidewalls of the enclosure, and the flame height must be lower than 2 feet.

-A charged garden hose or 10 gallons of water must be within 25 feet of the recreational fire.

-A shovel or rake must be within 25 feet of the recreational fire.

-The fire must be 25 feet from any structure or standing timber.

-The area above the enclosure must be clear of obstructions for a height of 15 feet.

-One person age 16 or older who is capable of putting out the fire must be in attendance at all times.

No recreational fires are permitted during burn bans. Burn ban information may be obtained by contacting: 360-428-1617 ext. 4 or the Mount Vernon Fire Department 360-336-6277.