2021 Street Improvements

Bid Award: Not yet awarded
Contractor: Lakeside Industries, Anacortes, WA - Pending Award

Construction Management: City of Mount Vernon
Project Engineer: Darin Christen, PE, Senior Project Engineer
Contact Information: (360) 336-6204
Funding: Transportation Benefit District

Additional Information

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Project Description:
This project includes improvements Little Mountain Road, S. Laventure Rd between College Way & Section St, and Fir St between Laventure Rd & Waugh Rd. Contractor will be planing or excavating bituminous pavement, repairing portions of subgrade, adjusting and or installing new manhole rings and covers, adjusting existing utilitiies, protecting survey monuments, paving with HMA, providing temporary traffic control, and other work.

Current Status:

Work is anticipated to begin in after July 1, 2021, with completion no later than October 1, 2021. 

This contract is not yet awarded but intends to approve award of a contract at the May 12, 2021, Council Meeting.